South Tyneside Domestic Abuse Perpetrators Programme

Helping men help themselves change.



Q. What is the Action for Change Programme?


A. The Programme is offered by South Tyneside Domestic Abuse Perpetrators Programme to men who are unhappy about their own behaviour in relationships, or who have behaved violently or abusively towards their partners or ex partners. 


Q. What happens if I’m interested?


A. You will first be asked to attend a small number of weekly one to one sessions. These are intended to:


- Help you look at your behaviour.

- Understand what the programme will be about.

- Decide if the programme is for you.


After this you will be invited to attend a short group where you will get to know other men who will be on the main group. You will then be given a start date for the core programme.


Q. How long does the programme last for?


A. The group sessions of the programme are held once a week for two hours. There will be a maximum of eight or ten men in the group, with two facilitators, a man and woman.

The group will last 26 weeks.


Q. What can I get from the programme?


A. The responsibility to change, and the decision to or not, is up to you. The programme will offer a chance to think about your behaviour in your relationship and will teach you skills on what needs changing.


Q. What do I have to do?


A. You must agree to attend on a weekly basis and take the work seriously, you will be asked to take part in all exercises.  


Q. Will the programme help my relationship?


A. The programme looks at what you do, how you respond to others is in your control, even if you think they are in the wrong, or you feel like you have no choice. It is also difficult sometimes to admit to behaving in a way that harms others such as women and children.


Q. What if it’s not just my fault though?


A. The programme does not blame anyone, but does say that changing your behaviour if it is harming others and making you unhappy is your responsibility. The programme offers an invitation to you to do this, if you choose.