South Tyneside Domestic Abuse Perpetrators Programme

Helping men help themselves change.



About the Programme



Element One


4 x one to one sessions which cover risk assessment, motivational enhancement, and engagement (suitability), facilitating behaviour change, assessment of treatment need, challenging abusive behaviours and familiarisation with the programme concepts.


Element Two


4 x Pre-Group sessions, this part of the programme is aimed at getting the men used to working in a group and beginning to explore difficult issues via active engagement.


Element Three


The Core Programme is 26 weeks of group work, each session lasting 2 hours. There are 7 Modules (each module is 4 weeks long) and the areas covered are: Defining, Analysing and Ending Abusive Behaviours x 2 modules; Effects on Children; Respect Trust & Support; Sexual Respect; Honesty, Accountability and Partnership; Future Conduct.



Eligibility Criteria


Men wishing to attend the programme must:


- Be 18 years or over.


- Agree voluntarily to attend the programme.


- Acknowledge that to some extent he has behaved abusively towards a current or previous partners.


- Reside in South Tyneside





A man may be unsuitable for the programme if he has:


- Severe/chronic mental health/psychiatric illness.


- Recent convictions for firearms possession/use.


- Convictions for sexual abuse.


- Extensive criminal record of violent crimes.


- Chaotic substance abuse or dependency that first requires stabilisation through a treatment programme.


Other agencies may need to be contacted for additional information if there are any issues regarding the above.



Support for Women


Any woman whose partner or ex partner is attending the programme will have experienced some level of violence or abuse, Options Women's Service will support these women. 


Options provides:


- Confidential and non-judgemental advice to women over 18 on domestic violence issues in a safe place.


- Contact with and referral to other relevant organisations.


- Weekly support groups giving opportunities to meet survivors of domestic violence and make new friends.


- Bilingual staff and interpreters are also available.